Math Tutoring

Provide custom private math tutoring from Elementary school to University students.

Just the word Math is sometimes enough to make most children go crazy. Yes, it is critical in nurturing the education of your children, but at the same time confusing, and even nerve wrecking.

It may not always be within the parents reach to teach math. Many times parents resort to loud scolding and shouting when their children fail to understand the most basic of things. This situation needs careful handling. We Data Teach has the patience and the skill to handle such delicate students; we can guarantee that our teachers know how to nurture your child’s mathematical abilities without any burden.

Our Math Tuition is Exam Oriented, and focuses on techniques to do well in exam. We will also instill an interest in Math in our students, which is a long-term approach to improve their mathematical understanding and passion for mathematics.


Number Sense, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry and Data Management & Probability

Algebra, Linear Relations, Measurement, Geometry, Trigonometry, Quadratic Relation, Advanced Functions, Mathematics of Data Management, Calculus and Vectors.

Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations and Statistics

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